World Business Assembly


World Business Assembly (WBA) is an NGO, supporting and promoting economic, social and charity projects and initiatives worldwide. WBA stands for quality and successes. WBA creates, maintains and nurtures co-operation in areas such as education, economy, education, sciences and culture.

Members of WBA include businessmen, experts, diplomats and professionals from different areas of knowledge. WBA has members in almost 40 countries. Apart from operating in the fields of WBA expertise, members must prove their success, understand, share and promote the values of WBA and maintain the professionalism at WBA.

WBA organizes the WBA Conference of Leaders, giving an opportunity to world leaders in politics, science and economy to meet, and the International Aristotle and Socrates Award Ceremonies. Through the WBA Conference of Leaders, world leaders discuss and share achievements and lay the grounds for future co-operation. The platform of WBA allows business professionals to find new partners, discover best practices and contact other WBA members. Through the WBA Conference of Leaders, members receive not only professional but also cultural and conceptual support.

Members of WBA are successful businessmen, professors and researchers, scientists, poltiicians and this unique blend leads to fruitful discussion, project co-operation and inevitably, more successes. One of the main goals of the WBA Conference of Leaders is that members have the chance to develop projects and to improve their network. The scope of the formed partnerships is normally international and members from different countries have worked successfully on different projects. Members have special panels where they can present what they do, what their goals and values are, what kind of partners they look for and how they help society. The panels are led by experienced and respected specialists who know how to get members involved and how to promote their creative thinking.

Ambasciatori Palace Hotel in Rome, Italy, hosted the World Business Assembly Leaders Conference on September 27, 2015. The Aristotle Award Ceremony was also held at the same venue. Participants came from more than 30 countries and a total of 1,000 influential decision-makers from business, academia, science and politics were among the guests of the ceremony. The ceremony was well covered in many newspapers and online information portals, as their number surpassed 100. Moreover, more than 20 televisions had a live coverage of the ceremony. Among the award receivers were Turkish Airlines, the University Of Tourism and Management in Skopje, Armada Laser Center, Salcano Holding, Sanica Holding and many others.

The next WBA Conference of Leaders and Socrates Award Ceremony will be held in Barcelona in March 2016.